Unconditional love

Unconditional love – it’s when we love and fully accept yourself, it’s when we love and accept loved ones and those around us for who they are and not what we would like to see them. Do not impose their concepts about what you should speak, how to behave, how and what to do. In the end, all it shows you, how would you like to be themselves.

So become one of them. Do not ask other impossible! They have their own tasks in this world. They came into this world for their own lessons, not for your. They came into this world to live his own life, not your, which, as you may say to yourself in moments of self-revelation, “failed” or “not”, do not attempt to change the world, changing ourselves.

Do not try to change others. So enters our life violence – “Good intentions pave the road to hell”. Change yourself first. Changing, we are changing the world around us. If we change, will change and others will change our lives, and the lives of our loved ones who are associated with us very closely tied. Not once, have patience, but it will happen, for the external – it is a reflection of the inner.

So Unconditional Love is flowing in you continuously — rejoice every moment of your life, every detail: enjoy morning sun, the scent in the air after the rain, the chirping of sparrows, the laughter of children in the yard, a delicious dinner, snowflakes on the window…

The heart chakra will open up, Unconditional Love will flow like a mighty flood.

Learn, do not pay attention to the problem.

And you better rejoice them too — and the fright will disappear.

Unconditional Love — the greatest power, and she does unspeakable things, you see it for yourself.

Tuning the Energy of Unconditional Love

“I ask you Lord to set me on the energy of Unconditional Love right now”. Or “o Lord, I beg you to settle in my heart Unconditional Love”. Somehow, Your words — most importantly that the request came from my heart.

With regular use energy very much opens the heart chakra. The holiday feeling appears in Your soul. The energy can be sent intention (just thinking of the person, situation), and also through the palm chakras.

While You share the energy of Unconditional Love, You are fully protected — from an accident, from stealing, from attacks, from evil words. You seem enveloped in a glowing magical cloud that protects You from all forms of negativity. In an unpleasant situation can use this energy instead of frightened or irritated, call Unconditional Love. She now will eliminate fear and anger, not only in You but also in the surrounding people immediately charmonium the situation.

Constantly open heart chakra will make Your life easy and happy. All problems will be solved almost automatically. People will feel to You inexplicable sympathy, with the result that You forget what the “troubles”. Because according to the cosmic law “inside and outside”. – If You have a Love, and amidst the Love.

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