Bad habits kids

The kid gains experience, and with it, as strange as it sounds,

some bad habits. Through this, almost all children, and in this

there is nothing wrong, if it is correct to treat this. Therefore, the effectiveness of

struggle with bad habits of children is largely dependent on competent behavior


So, each age group has their bad habits. We will look at the most common ones.

“Dirty” occupations.

Many, especially young mothers are able to shock “picturesque”

picture, when a kid pulls off her dirty diaper and begins happily

to play with the contents. The first thing that terrified parents will think: “What a mess!

The kid himself doesn’t know what does!”. The assumption is not true: the kid knows that

does he explores! Child acts according to the principle: everything that crumple – need

to crush, all that smudge – smudge, because otherwise how will you know that it wrinkled and

smeared. Tiny gets the idea about the environment, properties

items and does not hesitate to do any “materials”. Such “games” can

to last from several days to several months, until the baby will not lose

interest. Until then, to persuade him to leave the trade will not be easy.

But still you can try something. For example, to restrict access to

the contents of the diaper, securing it so that it was impossible to remove or

to weaken. For this you need diapers with the most durable

“Velcro”, which will not yield at the first attempt toddler

to unbutton them. But if they will be fixed to the rear, then even better – the kid

it would be inconvenient to unbutton them and he can leave it.

But don’t underestimate a child’s ingenuity and hope only

on this method. Children are very persistent in achieving their goals. Can

to try to get ahead of the kid, we have to wait for the moment when the child

meet “dirty” diaper and change him before him

get tiny. And even better is to shift the attention of the kid on the right

substitute. Offer him toys that he will be able to compress, or

the clay, which will be great smeared. However, do not leave

the baby alone in the game, make sure he didn’t bite off pieces

from toys and not swallowed plasticine. If all of the above

methods did not help, and you still found the little “red-handed”

“dirty” thing, don’t react violently to the situation. You shouldn’t change to

face and pay much attention to it, because the kid just wants a reaction.

Calmly but firmly tell him, “don’t touch! It’s Poo!”. And, shaking

when a child the contents of the diaper into the toilet, explain that “Kaka” place

here. Your patience and endurance is necessarily compensated by a positive


Perhaps even more parents may confuse the phenomenon of child Masturbation.

Adults will see this as an immoral act, though for the baby is

just a way of knowledge of your own body. Getting rid of diapers,

he first starts touching previously unavailable to him body parts,

including the penis. This habit can develop from a lack of parental

attention and care, if the child is deprived of affection. Also the reasons could be

a lack of hygiene of the baby (and, as a consequence, itching), tight swaddling,

wearing tight clothing, and even constipation, which causes tension in

the genital area. You cannot punish a child for these “games”, because it is not

understand the meaning of the sentence. This can only instill the habit yet

deeper and to contribute to the development of the child systems. Try

not to leave the baby alone in bed before going to sleep. Lullaby or fairy tale

distract his attention and wait until he falls asleep with you. Show maximum

delicacy and sensitivity in this matter and these “games” will be as brief episode.

Otherwise in the future you may need the intervention of a psychologist.

In fairness it should be noted that all the bad habits of children “treated”,

first of all, parental attention, understanding and affection. As well as their

disadvantage or adverse psychological climate in the family can become

the cause of many “harmful” practice.

“Take your fingers out of your mouth”!

As mom often repeat this phrase to their children. “Roots” is this bad

habits die deep in infancy, when the child uses the mother’s

the breast and as a power source and as a means to soothe. Then this function is

to reassure you – perform a dummy or a finger.

Every mom has a way of weaning your baby from sucking fingers. Someone

clothes baby woolen mittens, some finger smear of mustard

or pepper (brutal, but effective), others are just a distraction

child any interesting for him to play. And it’s better and, most importantly,

more efficient than constantly yelling at the kid or beat him on the hand.

The nail-biting can occur in baby during teething

teeth (approximately 11 months), especially if this time not

weaned to take his fingers in his mouth. It could be the adverse

the situation in the family, forcing the baby to be nervous or shared

overexcitation. Biting the nails, he calms down. Therefore, making sure

what you have in your family is peace and quiet, try the methods described above –

mittens or lubrication marigold mustard or pepper. This antiquated

method, of course, quite ruthless, but perhaps the most intelligible.

To give the energy output of the child and to divert his attention from nails,

to teach him some simple exercises, for example, to compress and decompress fists.

“Don’t pick your nose – finger break!”

This frightening phrase ceases to act on the kids when they, time and time again

picking his nose, you see that the finger does not break. The deception is revealed, and

bad habit – remains. Although there is an opinion that is not so, and

harmful: picking your nose helps to concentrate on their thoughts,

activization of cogitative activity. But, perhaps this is all positive

moments and end, but the cons still have much, much more.

First, picking your nose – not aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, in some degree,

insecure: can damage the delicate mucous membrane of the nose, cause

bleeding and infection. At first, when picking his nose is

for baby’s way of exploring your own body, cut him marigolds,

so he would not hurt himself. When the baby gets a little older, teach him

to use a handkerchief. Will be more interesting and more likely to work if You

turn it into a game. Very helpful and personal example: if the baby often

sees that his parents have a handkerchief, he begins to imitate them.

The desire to scratch his nose can be caused by itching, and itching, in turn,

too dry air in the room. In this case, you can use

a humidifier or lubricate the nostrils of the child from the inside with vaseline or

mineral oil.

The emergence of bad habits can affect the environment outside of the home

(for example, if the child goes to kindergarten and he’s not all right).

After all, biting or sucking may be associated with nervous tension and

increased anxiety. So you first need to discover the cause

stress (anxiety) and fix it. And then sometimes quite ordinary

“monoterapia” when mother sits on the bed to calm

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