Cartoons in our life

Today, without the cartoons will not be able to live just one generation. Parents often turn to the child one or the other cartoon, and they go about their business, well, if the cartoons are interesting and instructive. And is it important cartoons in the lives of today’s young generation? Nothing of value they can teach? Whether to allow the children to watch a particular cartoon, or it is better to remember those that show up in far 90-ies?

The generation of the 80s or 90s had such free access to cartoons as it is today. Just go to the Internet to “Zorro” to watch online or to choose any other cartoon series or movies. As for the cartoon “the Legend of Zorro” (1991) , it teaches you many things, but it will be useful for the stronger sex. It is the main character know how brave and courageous man who always stands up for the weak and disadvantaged. The face of the hero is unknown, but his fame extends far forward. For example, the main character is very easy to explain to a child what good deeds in our time. Even the cartoon “the Legend of Zorro” (1991) and was released in 1991, it still it is a popular and instructive. Interesting and a different cartoon character – maintainer Zorro little boy Bernard. For him Zorro became a hero and an idol, he is the kid tries to imitate in everything.

Girls will be interesting cartoon “Poppixie” , the protagonists of which were little fairies who helped the Winx from the famous cartoon of the same name. The Director of this animated series, like “Winx club”, became Idzhinio straffi. Fairies of Poppixie, like Zorro, stand up to defend their magical land of Pikeville. Not do, of course, here and without magic, but every girl will be happy to feel like a little Princess, like her favorite fairies, each with their talent. The country of Pikeville inhabited by different magical creatures who love young children, the dwarves, elves, talking animals.

Small children are all accustomed to imitate their favorite cartoon characters, so let them be positive. “Zorro” watch online is very convenient because of time to view you choose, and in the course of the cartoon, you can explain to the kids what’s what. On the example of the little fairies from the animated series “Poppixie” you can explain to the children the concepts of love, kindness, learn to distinguish truth from falsehood, the benefit of each of the main characters are positive in their own way. Incidentally, we note that the premiere of the cartoon about fairies took place in 2010, and in Russia in 2011. The nice thing is that modern cartoons also contribute to the learning process of children. Even the older generation will be interesting to see the creations of modern multiples to compare and choose the best. Let many of the old cartoons now rarely shown on television, they can be seen without leaving your home on the Internet. It is hoped that with the advent of other creations multipliers, old cartoons will not be forgotten.

We should not deprive the child’s childhood and cartoons, but let the viewer does not take much time, as there are many other interesting things you can do together. Cartoons available online at any time, and you can choose a specific work of animators and enjoy what is happening on the screen.

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