The 20 most interesting ways to keep kids busy in the summer

Summer is the best time to conduct as much time as possible outside, especially for children – in fact, a growing body of air. However, not only this issue is of concern to many parents, but also the question of what to do with the child in the summer, so it was not boring, useful and entertaining!

5. benefit in the summer, even out of your daily nature walks. Prepare a story about some natural phenomena, or interesting facts about nature – summer when everything is blooming and evolving, it is easier to show by example of interesting plants and insects.

6. if your child loves to write essays, poems or just loves literature – offer him an unusual occupation for the summer: every day in a small diary to describe the most interesting moments that have happened over the past day, and in late summer to help him make his small book of short stories about summer.

7. this is the same method we applied to the photo – now the child from primary school has mobile, a camera, or just buy him an inexpensive camera. Let your child pictures of interesting cases and writes to them a little explanation – notes. And in late summer create together a collage that you can hang in the room the child to have it all fall, Continue reading

Parenting without punishment

In the family has the baby. Parents are happy and looking forward to each new day, enjoy each new skill a child. But there comes a time when the grown child begins to achieve something and not behave in the best way. Tantrums in the store with the requirement to buy a toy. Mischief at home and away. Ignoring the parent words. On — more: the first deceptions and teenage confusion. How to cope with all this? How to raise children? To punish, scold, beat, ignore? To answer this question it is necessary to clarify in General the situation with penalties: what they are, the situations in which their parents used, and whether it is possible not to punish children.

Punishment — this is only one of the forms of child training skills, not mandatory.

Penalties come in many forms: verbal, physical, punishment labour, deprivation of attention and love, deprivation of certain goods.

Verbal — are often a protective reaction of the parent act on the child. Insults and threats just voiced their resentment deceived parental expectations. What parent gets in the end? The child is angry, or closed, not sure of himself, there is no mutual understanding Continue reading

Bad habits kids

The kid gains experience, and with it, as strange as it sounds,

some bad habits. Through this, almost all children, and in this

there is nothing wrong, if it is correct to treat this. Therefore, the effectiveness of

struggle with bad habits of children is largely dependent on competent behavior


So, each age group has their bad habits. We will look at the most common ones.

“Dirty” occupations.

Many, especially young mothers are able to shock “picturesque”

picture, when a kid pulls off her dirty diaper and begins happily

to play with the contents. The first thing that terrified parents will think: “What a mess!

The kid himself doesn’t know what does!”. The assumption is not true: the kid knows that

does he explores! Child acts according to the principle: everything that crumple – need

to crush, all that smudge – smudge, because otherwise how will you know that it wrinkled and

smeared. Tiny gets the idea about the environment, properties

items and does not hesitate to do any “materials”. Such “games” can

to last from several days to several months, until the baby will not lose

interest. Until then, to persuade him to leave Continue reading

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