1. Introduction

2. Education as a process

2.1 the Essence of education

2.2 areas of education

2.3 parenting Styles

3. Methods of education

4. Conclusion


1. Introduction

The problems of education and training are inextricably linked because these processes are aimed at the person as a whole. Therefore, in practice it is difficult for you

sharing exclusive sphere of influence of training and educational influences on human development. Namely how his emotion, will, character, and motivation, value orientation and intelligence. Even Plato wrote: “.the most important learning we acknowledge proper education”.

“Not enough education not only spoil us, it changed us for the better.” M. Montaigne.

In relation to man education is defined as follows: it is the deliberate exposure of an adult to a child or youth, aiming to bring it to the share of autonomy that is needed for carrying out his purpose of man on earth. It is obvious that art education has arisen from the very beginning of the appearance of man on earth. When did society and the state, it is possible to purely family goals V. joined social and religious. In China since ancient times V. was intended to prepare a person for life in the family and inform him of the wisdom, which included religion and science. So the Chinese Continue reading

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