The Concept of autonomy in learning.

For the elaboration of the child’s self many teachers recommend the use of special instructions for performing various tasks that teach your baby to form a certain algorithm in various situations (e.g., how to learn a new rule, how to solve a complex problem, how to do the work on the bugs, etc.). Such reminders can be made with the child in the form of diagrams or drawings, or a numbered sequence, and hang over his Desk, the child with them were compared.

It is known that a large number of errors children make due to carelessness, it is therefore very important skill in learning activity is self-control. The child should be able to learn, remember if the content of the paragraph, find the spelling of words in the dictionary to check the accuracy of mathematical calculations, etc., and in the classroom, and at home should always be the scheme of self-examination. After all, when the child learns to check after any type of activity, number of errors he has dramatically reduced.

If the child is when the job shows any initiative, for example, decides an additional job, or finds during preparation of additional material, be sure to praise him.

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Different parenting styles, and the impact on children

Nothing affects children, as education in the family. It just so happened that each family has its own system of education that is shaped by family traditions, characters of parents and children, the goals and methods of education, and life circumstances of all family members. Psychologists have identified four parenting style, and each of them has a different effect on children.

Dictatorship (authoritarian style).

Authoritarian parenting style is the constant suppression of older initiatives and self-esteem of others, especially children. No, of course, parents should make demands on children, but still, this does not mean that in raising children are the only methods should be violence and orders. The child certainly one answer authoritarian parents hypocrisy, false, or open hatred. What is the impact on children has authoritarianism? First, they do not know how to decide and it’s scary. Dictatorship prevents developing child, prevents the formation of such qualities as independence, self-esteem, initiative, belief in yourself and your strength. In the end, the identity of the child is formed with large defects.


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Happy family – mom, dad and I

The whole holiday is accompanied by a multimedia presentation of “Our families”.

Children are given homework before the holiday: draw a family.

Course of the holiday


Guys, please look at what I have in my hands? (photo album)

Today I don’t accidentally brought a photo album to our holiday. Please, look it’s me with my grandmother in my childhood, here I am with my sister, but photos, where my family, my husband and daughter, I am with my daughter. How one word can be called what I am holding? (family photo album)

— a Family photo album. Yes, indeed this is an album with photos of my family, my family album.

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Different parenting styles, and the impact on children
Nothing affects children, as education in the family. It just so happened that each family…

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