What can the child?

turns babbling sound of the Serenade;

shows the nose, mouth and other body parts mom, doll, herself in the mirror, sometimes correctly “getting” the finger in the right place;

puts fingers in all the holes;

knows how to tear and crumple the paper crumples in the palm clay;

can flipping thick pages of a cardboard book;

alone sits, sits, walks at the support, creeps;

stands up without support;

rhythmically jumps and crouches at the support or holding mom’s hand.

A child in 9 months all the time repeats syllables, counting vowels and consonants, aucet, cries, sometimes laughs. And in his own language, comments on what is happening around. Some babies are “tied” syllables to mom and dad ( mA-mA-mA-am ) and his favorite toys ( Gia-Gia-Gia – Bunny, etc.).

The child’s emotions every day richer. Most often a little surprised or happy, somewhat interested, but sometimes does not hide the anger, disgust, sadness, fear. He can be whiny, resentful, fearful, especially if mom is constantly on edge, and, in General, balanced, calm and delivers a minimum of hassle.

The kid has clearly manifested discontent, aimed at specific activities: for example, the toddler may not like when you wipe his nose or cut your fingernails. He would turn away, to push away your hand, protectbase to Moo and turn his head.

Do not ignore these “tricks” and do not scold them for your son or daughter. Think about it: maybe something in your actions causes little pain, and it should be corrected. If you want it to continue, accept the negative emotions beloved child, say that you understand that it is painful, uncomfortable that he does not want, but nothing can be done – it is necessary.

By the way, pay special attention to the real necessity of manipulation, especially medical, causing the baby has a negative reaction. For example, firming massage you can do yourself ( unless the child has a serious illness ), if the toddler is not found a “common language” with the nurse. In practice, negative emotions often bring to naught all the benefits of such manipulation.

Do not disregard the requests of the baby, especially when he cries. Blast off from a phone conversation, take the child on hands, kiss, hug, reassure, and then continue the conversation.

Remember and repeat

Now the child carefully watching your actions, remembers them, can get the thing hidden in his eyes in his pocket. Remembers where you wear interesting items, and trying to get them. For example, knowing that her grandmother on her neck hangs an interesting medallion, climbing to her knees and pull chain. Or climb into the pocket of dad’s jacket for a cell phone…

The kid with pleasure will tear and crumple the paper. Highlight him old Newspapers or magazines, simultaneously explaining that the book to tear in no event it is impossible. So it can’t “accidentally” let’s crumbs for independent games and reading only thick cardboard books. Thin pages, he will not be able to turn himself and tear simply because the fingers are still not sufficiently obedient.

For training the fingers, invite a child to pour the nuts, buttons, pebbles, beans, gradually moving to smaller items. Learn to pour not only fingers, but also various spoons, a small scoop.

Show your baby how to pour water from one plastic Cup to another, to draw water with a spoon out of the bowl and pour into a Cup. All of this will develop fine motor skills and will serve an excellent service in terms of teaching independent eating.

In 9 months a child can begin to learn to dress. Or rather, undress. Teach him pulling off the sock, remove the cap, remove the arm from the sleeve unbuttoned blouse or jacket. Ask to lend you the handle or the foot, to put his head, gripping the handle in Cam, pushes when its in the sleeve. The sooner you teach it to the baby, the easier it will be to continue to master the skills of self-service.

Standing or sitting in the bathroom, baby can face wash and handle. Girls often say “engulfing” movement mother – praise young neat! Try to keep the kid “along with all” participated in the Affairs of the family, often found themselves at the table – in your example, he will learn to behave, to communicate with other people.

Familiarity with the body

Help the child to get acquainted with your body! That is the aim of the following game. Don’t forget that from the parents, the baby learns how to treat my body, its needs, desires, signals. If the child is taught to respect your body, listen to it, this skill remains for life.

If parents are to please their needs, fears or habits make your kid understand that his body is “stupid” and “wrong” ( via forced feeding, imposing his rhythm and routine, late vysielanie on the potty, bathing, restrictions on active motion, etc.), the child expect difficulty in constructing further harmonious relations with themselves.

Playing with the baby, it is important that he was interested. Basic condition for the formation of this interest – emotional involvement of the mother, she should be funny and fun. Because the game is not tedious duty!

The darics-mosquitoes

The darics-darics,

Ah Yes the gnats! ( clap hands ),

ZZZZZ ( speech pronunciation sound W! )

Curled-curled, fingers folded in a pinch, produce circular motion with hands )

The baby in the trunk ( you can call any part of the body )

Suddenly seized.

When the baby grew up and learned to run – especially if he fidget – the game can be turned into a tag-tag: the gnats are catching up and bite the child.


Klopotoski – klopotoski, ( clap hands )

Close your ears rather ( eyes, cheeks, knees and other parts of the body that you now “teach” ) – closing ears with her hands.

While the child is small, it is not necessary to call more than 3-4 in one game. If the kid wants to continue the game, repeat the same but in a different sequence. And at other times add another one.

Game but ( socialka ) to get acquainted with the parts of the face and head

Good morning eyes,

You woke up?

Good morning nose,

Did you Wake up? and then all the parts that you “teach”.

Good morning, ( name )

You’re awake!

Good night, little eyes,

Go to sleep! etc.

Good night, ( name )

Go to sleep!

Sculpt and paint

With 9 months you can start the game, which then go into modeling, applique, drawing. Show your baby how to carry crayons or markers on a large sheet of paper. Dipping the fingers of a child in special non-toxic paint, give your toddler the chance to spread out on a sheet, piece of cloth or one’s own body ( if you are concerned for the cleanliness of his house, play with the colors in the bathroom – and with tiles, and the artist they can be immediately washed off with warm shower ).

Make a cake of any test or clay, and, placing the toddler on her lap, plugging in her curly spaghetti, beans, nuts, stones: the baby will be happy to pick out. Unscrew the lid, put in a saucepan the chopped soup vegetables, raise off the floor and put on a chair or in a special box of matches, toothpicks, or bean, sort through large buttons, throw in a basket of walnuts or cotton balls – all of these classes are well develop fingers and very fond of kids, especially if the mother sets the example.

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