Child itchy

Skin . as the border with the outside world, children are particularly sensitive .

One of the symptoms in some children the disease is itching . Child itchy and can’t sleep and play. Not always itch the child is accompanied by visible changes in the skin, sometimes the child itches and the skin does not extradite that’s his problem – not a single blemish or pimple.

To solve the problem of itching in the child, sometimes it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the health of the child. Because the reasons that a child not itchy always lie on the surface.

Child itches: what could it be?

Child itches and he has redness on the skin

Probably, the child experienced any of the following diseases.

Urticaria. The body of the child appear reddish and pink blisters, they are very itchy. The child is irritable, he hardly sleeps and eats all of his strength goes to fight the itching.

Diathesis. In young children occurs because of metabolic disorders or intolerance to certain foods, such as strawberries, eggs, lemons, oranges, tangerines, honey, dairy products. In diathesis in a child above the eyebrows formed yellow crusts, redness appear with the scales on the cheeks that are itchy.

Eczema – an inflamed skin. The manifestation and symptoms of dermatitis in children can be different: reddening of the skin with the appearance of bubbles, a rash in the form of red dots, cracks, spots and sores, selestia and dry, while the child is itchy and annoyed often not sleeping well.

Child itches and he has clear skin

Sometimes the child itches and skin or blemish or zit is nothing, what then is the reason for the itching? Possible reasons for this itchiness can be: nervous itching, night itching due to dryness in the room, excessive sweating in synthetic clothing or bed, Allergy .

Have you ever thought about the fact that for the overall health of the child he needs to be as strong example of his parents. What is the child less, the more he needs the example of parents. Parents have to show for yourself, taking care of the skin . wash hands, wipe your ass, brush your teeth, ears. Everything connected with hygiene in the child’s upbringing. This is the first step towards a healthy skin and prevent itching problem in the child.

What to do if your child is itching? Rapid methods.

If the child is itchy and the itching continues for more than 15 minutes, he needed to help somehow. The first and simplest thing you can do when your child is itchy, is this: to smear with liquid cream place that itches (the cream will soften the skin and itching on the skin it will not be so very annoying, causing even more itching). The cream should be thick, more like a lotion. Thick as the cream will enhance the itch and the child will begin to itch stronger. put in place by carding holey stone or a hot water bottle with cold water to redeem itchy child in inthe bathrooms with the addition of soothing oil to dress in cotton or linen clothes drink herbal tea (e.g., horsetail, Pansy, oak bark) to make a compress from the urine of a child who itches (method is not for all, many children will cause disgust, but urine helps to calm itching) you can give your child an antihistamine is a little easier to itching, the child will be less itch to brew chamomile or black tea and wipe them a child, then rinse under the shower. The child will begin to itch less.

How to care for baby’s skin daily to itch?

As already mentioned, children’s skin is very sensitive and delicate. If your child itches, the skin must be protected from the effects of combing – scars and scratches and to reduce the possibility of repeated itching. To prevent itching in children . you need to follow some rules of child care. Rules should go into the complex, the only way your child will cease to itch will make them feel better. If your child itches:

1. Daily apply the cream to the entire skin of the child. This can be regular cream for baby body. In winter it is better to apply the cream twice a day.

2. Use daily only ph-neutral products and soap for children. These products soften the skin and even oppose certain allergies.

3. After bathing, do not RUB the skin dry, just Pat it with a towel. Hard wiping only irritate the skin, especially if the child itches.

4. Do not bathe the baby in the bath daily . at least, don’t leave it to sit there daily for a long time. The soul is enough to wash the child, and also much better for the skin.

5. Place baby to sleep at a room temperature no higher than 20°C .

Plus . if your child itches and bouts of itching he repeated periodically, you should change some things in the child’s life . such as:

Food . To reduce the consumption of salt and seasonings child if he itches.

The acid-alkaline balance. To check the acid-alkaline balance in the child.

Washing detergent. If your child itches constantly, buy a hypoallergenic Laundry detergent. Increase the rinse clothes (double rinse).

Environment. Sometimes, if the child itches, it is a sign that the environment and the child’s environment is not quite suited him. You must abandon harmful factors of the environment being constructed, such as overload in school or on courses, excessive requirements, overprotection or praise. Sometimes the child needs to rest from it all, but if rest he gets, he starts to get nervous and irritated and it itches (nervous itching). Responsible approach to the selection of clothes: don’t buy synthetic or wool clothes – first the skin does not breathe, and the second will sweat so that even an adult will start to itch.

Other actions. In addition to the above actions, if the child continues to itch, take him to the doctor. The reason that the child is itchy and can be a fungus, and diabetes, and kidney trouble, and allergies and so on, it is better to check with a specialist.

How to scratch a place that your child has itching?

Important. if your child itches, don’t give him the skin is scratched, it can lead to infection and further itching afterwards.

There are many alternatives to the “wild comb”. It is clear that, when the child itches, he thinks, will lead a strong brushing of the skin, it is important for him just to get rid of the itching, but we know that the skin is scratched not: you can drop the infection, there will be scars that will increase the itching even more. What to do when a child itches and Possati really not allowed?

The stroking. Mom or dad will Pat the place of a child who itches at the same time telling stories and tales, turning the child’s attention to other things. It does not have to surface words, reminding that the child itches: “leather”, “scratch”, “comb”, “itching”, “tickle”.

Tingling. Along with the strokes can pinch or RUB the place which the child itches. Apply with fingertips.

Toys for neurodermitis. There are wooden toys, leather toys for neurodermitis or bouts of itching in the child. When the child itches, it can scratch this toy as much as you can, as it may scratch the itch this toy, she was still it will not scratch.

Auditory training. Older children helps to relax autogenic training. There are special courses for children, but this workout can be done at home, turning on soothing music while lying or sitting, repeating soothing text, which you can write yourself). The text should not be referred to that child itches, it must be removed from the itching.

If your child itches and itching continues, don’t torture him, go to the pediatrician, a dermatologist, check the baby’s skin. If the skin is all in order, check the status of the child’s case with digestion.

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