Different parenting styles, and the impact on children

Nothing affects children, as education in the family. It just so happened that each family has its own system of education that is shaped by family traditions, characters of parents and children, the goals and methods of education, and life circumstances of all family members. Psychologists have identified four parenting style, and each of them has a different effect on children.

Dictatorship (authoritarian style).

Authoritarian parenting style is the constant suppression of older initiatives and self-esteem of others, especially children. No, of course, parents should make demands on children, but still, this does not mean that in raising children are the only methods should be violence and orders. The child certainly one answer authoritarian parents hypocrisy, false, or open hatred. What is the impact on children has authoritarianism? First, they do not know how to decide and it’s scary. Dictatorship prevents developing child, prevents the formation of such qualities as independence, self-esteem, initiative, belief in yourself and your strength. In the end, the identity of the child is formed with large defects.


The author of the famous mom, who tied the washed raspberries to the bushes: the child didn’t eat it otherwise, but as with Bush, and her unwashed mom could not allow the child to. Another mother drove her daughter to school until grade 11. When neighbors made this mom’s comment and asked what happens when a girl gets married, the mother replied that her husband everywhere will be led. “sitting duck” for the child may be the mother and father and grandmother. When all the child’s needs are met in a flash, all the difficulties are resolved by the parents, and the child is distancing itself from all outside influences and grows under the hood, it can lead to disastrous results. Interestingly, the impact on children Hyper has the same as authoritarianism: the child is not able to make their own decision, sometimes turning into psychasthenia. In addition, over time, the neglect may lead to rebellion.

Liberalism (non-interference).

It’s a lot of passive parents who don’t care where children are and what they do. In the family as if there are two worlds: the world of children and adults. This style became popular after the second world war in Europe and during perestroika in the USSR, when people became disillusioned with the totalitarian regime. Because many processes in society have a direct impact on the family.

What is the impact on children has liberalism? Children deprived of attention grow demonstrative personalities. After all, this is not freedom, it’s loneliness.

Democracy (cooperation).

Ideal family as a single organism. The impact on children is the most that neither is positive: children grow harmonious personalities. That’s just to build democracy in the family is quite difficult. Here is necessary maturity and children and parents, and their ability to work on it.

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