Drawing boys and girls

To begin, let’s understand that no area of art cannot be fully reduced to a single formula without damage to the art, a part of her. We certainly are trying to find ways and means to reach the goal, and this goal is the correct image of the real object. The art, however, is not reduced to the correct fit. Art is not a reflection. We can say that art is a form of expression and expression is not fully reducible to a formula. African sculpture is an expression and therefore it is art. It does not convey exactly the truth, what we know, but is the truth more important that they know. We can achieve greater simplification of the truth. Every hair eyebrow in the truth, but it does not carry much importance. Every blade of grass is a detail, but we may be more interested in the image of a grass-covered hill and rays of light on the hill.

In drawing children need to be guided by rules of construction and anatomy, and their own feelings. A beam of light on the hair of the child can be just as beautiful and attractive as the sunlit hill. With a mischievous twinkle in the eyes of a little boy can be really what we draw, and not the correct anatomical structure of the eye.

Easy to get too carried away by the technology and forget about the value. Technical in the picture must be associated with the spiritual, for the technique without a soul is nothing. But feelings cannot be transferred without equipment and stand behind her knowledge.

Each part of the figure should be a part of one whole. Light and shadows, angles, texture and material also should be considered from the point of view of design and streamlining, as any other quality. In drawing heads, pattern hair cast head shadow, items of clothing gives all the possibilities for design. Light and shadows on the face, by themselves, create the design, good or bad, whether we realize it or not. The head overall is the design of the forms, collected together, and it is a miracle of design from the point of view of functionality and art.

I say this so you came to the drawing object with humility and admiration for his miracles. For me there is nothing more beautiful and amazing in the world than the head of a small child. Life has not yet left no scars, no trace of discontent and disorder; it is a flower just bloomed from the Bud, fresh and untouched.

If the sight of children does not touch your soul will probably be a mistake to try to draw them. You can’t draw children and greater distance emotionally. When your work out is a joy, it is able to pull her into the quagmire of clean technology. In my work I often draw children and the more I do it, the more I find fun. I feel that there is a peak of the amazing truths to which I was really close and it came after drawing probably thousand adults. Drawing children is extensive and relatively unused commercial market. We need more drawings of children and fewer pictures, as in advertising and on the walls of our apartments. The fact that children can’t sit still, should not discourage you. You can draw on photos and convey more artistic expression than precise photographic detail.

Figure 59. The proportions of the head a little boy.

The proportions of the head vertically for a little boy about the same as for an older, but a person already relatively well integrated in the square on the front. The eyes appear smaller because they, unlike individuals, do not grow. You can use a large eye – ldquo only for very young children. The jaw and chin begin to grow, making the chin more prominent forward. The bridge of the nose above the nose is a little long, almost reaches the bottom of the second quarter. Lips touch the lower line of the third quarter. At a very early age grows the whole head of hair. This highlights a big skull, but leaves the face look small. If hair grows curly, mothers sometimes allow them to grow until they start to look grotesque.

Little boys can hardly sit still; in drawing them, and how to draw babies, use photos and magazine clippings. Note that the ear is lifted up to the middle line. Head little boys leave the impression of an outstanding back of the neck, because the neck is thin and the muscles attached to the base of the skull, are not yet developed.

Also note that the nostrils is increased and the upper lip seems shorter. The ears in this and the subsequent period increases considerably. I think the ears are fully developed by the time when the child is 10-12 years. The distance from the nose to the ear is still large enough. Eyelashes long. Hair over the temples grow well.

Figure 60. The proportions of the head a little girl.

The proportions are almost the same as that for little boys. The characteristic features of little girls: large width of the face at eye level and jaw and a rounded chin. Very often the upper eyelid crease is barely visible above the eye. All contour lines are usually more rounded. Knowledge of these features will help you to make a small face more feminine. The forehead in girls at an early age higher than that of boys. Some argue that this indicates a more rapid mental development of girls. So, I don’t know, but I can say that the lower hair line is more suitable for boys, and higher for girls.

Must be careful not to draw a mouth too big or too dark. This will give a more Mature look or a “theatricality”, do not decorate a child’s head. Neck girls round and small compared to his head. The crease between neck and jaw often rises up to the ear, but directed below. It is often clearly defined. The forehead may be slightly protrude at the top. The plane of the face is rounded, but that figure does not look too “photographic”, you can add some blocking in the image of hair. Ear more fragile in structure and raised to the top. Eyebrows should also draw very carefully.

Figure 63. Educational pictures of young children.

Sometimes in pictures of the head lights rear or top rear effectively in combination with front lighting. It is important not to allow the light from both sources to fall on the same surface because this type of lighting creates the field of cross-shadows. Construire hair using modular forms.

Figure 64. Academic drawings of little girls.

Hair provide for improvement in the appearance of girls. Small braids will probably never go out of fashion. Bangs also seem to be eternally popular as hair hanging freely or locks. In the colored drawings of the presence of bright colors in the form of bands or ribbons in the hair are very effective.

Figure 65. Even little boys.

When the artist progresses in drawing children, it is beginning to impress the brightness of characters and personalities that he encounters. In children of the same emotions and feelings as adults and they Express them more freely. As we get older, to hide their real emotions, sometimes very deeply. Most children are much more truthful than adults.

Figure 66. Even little girls.

Much easier to show the expression of children’s faces in the picture, if you first catch the expressions on the camera. The expressions on the faces of children change very quickly and you should not try to force them to hold emotions.

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