Drawing on the theme of Summer

Summer is one of the most amazing, beautiful and long awaited times of the year. It is the sun, a hot season with long days and short warm nights. Summer is hot sand and a gentle wave on the beach, good mood and unforgettable impressions. Summer for each of us. And everyone is different! Who traveled this summer on the southern coast of the Crimea, he immediately submitted a picture: the sea, mountains and pine fanciful forms growing on the slopes of the mountains to the seashore.

Let’s together with children will try to draw a picture on the topic «Summer» — summer memory, based on step-by-step image of the sea landscape.

The master class will be held by Faith Hipod, the technology teacher, the head of the circle for preschoolers, the reader «Native footpaths». The article is illustrated with drawings of small children of Faith.

Drawing on the theme of «Summer» gradually in steps

Step 1. The horizon line.

Hold a straight line in pencil at the bottom of the list (thus, we familiarize the kids with the methods of the line). A horizon line. Children learn a new concept: the horizon line is an imaginary line where the sky seems to be in contact with the ground or with water. In this case — with the sea.

Step 2. Sun.

Draw the sun that disappeared behind the horizon.

Step 3. Draw the mountain in the background .

Step 4. Draw a second mountain.

Draw a curved line for mountain, jutting forward.

Step 5. Draw shore.

In the foreground draw the shore.

In another embodiment, — you can make the composition of the figure «on the contrary», in mirror image.

Step 6. Draw a pine tree.

On the mountainside draw a pine tree leaning over the sea under the action of the winds. Pine in Crimea bizarre, short, with crooked trunks, but firmly holding on to its roots over the rocky ground. If You were in a different place — draw characteristic trees.

Step 7. Do our drawing on the theme of «Summer» colored.

And now the fun part: take a watercolor or gouache colors red-orange color and paint the sun. The brush is best to keep upright and draw “header the” tip of the brush.

Dark brown paint to paint the mountain in the background (figures Sasha is 7 years old and Nastya 6.5 years). Drawing “header” gives you the opportunity to Express the relief of the mountain.

Shaded near mount paint light brown in color. Here a large area of the picture, so the more comfortable brush to hold the bevel against the full sheet pile.

Add green, gradually mixing it with the wet brown paint.

Draw a summer sea.

The item to perform better on the item before, because the mountain blocks the sea. The children were a little hasty. Blue paint to paint the sea. Moving the brush horizontally in one direction, from left to right. A line along the horizon it is desirable to perform non-separable. The other lines can lead brush smooth wavy. Avoid moving the brush back and forth without lifting the brush from the sheet. Then, under the setting sun on the water to make the tip of the brush a few strokes and blur them. Thus the reflection on the water passing over the horizon of the sun.

Draw a pine tree. Brush to keep upright. First a “butting” follow the contour of the crown of a pine, and then to fill the inner space, something — where leaving gaps.

Draw shore (as described above – the brush keep tilting, pressing it to the full sheet of paper pile.

Draw lines on the trunk and branches of a pine.

When drawing lines on the trunk and branches of pine, the hand must always remain to the right of them, tilting the brush vertically in the same direction, touching paper only tip. The brush is on the pile. The arm remains the canopy, without relying on the sheet, so as not to smudge the drawing.

White paint lightly shaded crown and the trunk of the pine.

Here’s what happens (figure Nastia, a six and a half years)

Draw poppies.

Optionally draw poppies. On the grass, put a toothpick point. This poppies flowers. Say, red poppies bloom where bitter fighting took place during the great Patriotic war.

Creative exercise for children:

Close your eyes. Mentally step back to the South coast of the Crimea. Imagine the sea, the shore, mountains. Listen to the sound of waves, the cry of gulls and the sound of a ship. Draw your landscape. Where have you been this summer? Try to create your figure.

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