Healing the “Inner Child”

Happy to respond to your call, my precious child!

Your question is very important.

There is within you Inner Child?

How to recognize it in yourself and that will give you this recognition?

You roots go into my childhood. Much love and light of the experiences you got? How many not-love and sad feelings you have experienced in your childhood? Joy or sorrow was filling the Cup of your Soul? What was childhood like for you?

Each of you has learned a lot from my childhood to my adult life. Much forgotten you. But don’t lose your Soul. All saved, all recorded in your subconscious.

Now on the way to gaining his Divinity, it is very important to find your Inner Child. Heal him with your love, give him strength and his wise support, to be his loving, dear creature!

When blossoms flower, he reveals its heart. You admire this beauty, inhaling the subtle scent from the very center of the flower. Your Inner Child is the Center. Your core. Opening it, enjoy it. Gain sincerity, trust, openness. Become a child of their feelings, enjoy the World of peace within yourself!

Seeds are sown in the ground, already gave shoots. Removed the harvest of ripe fruit. Children of the Sun, the miracle worker in the growth of their souls be blessed at all times. Please accept my Gift to all of you. Blessed virgin Mary with you. You in the rays of my love. How hard has given you the knowledge to Be Like God, the Heavenly Father. A lot of strength of soul you spent to come to Light, many tears shed, deep wounds you bear in their bodies.

Precious Children of Earth I hear, see, feel your pain, taking her in and protecting you in the rays of his Power of love!

The Blessed Virgin Mary

My dear Heart!

The beauty of your Soul is revealed not in what you clothe her, and how you draw. Only the taking off all clothes with Soul manifests its LUMINOSITY!

Fiery Spirit purifies the Soul, removes her all that hinders her to be the guide in this world for all of you, Dear Heart!

Truly, I say – Pure soul – what about clothes. Strive for the purity of the Soul. Beauty is where there is a children’s purity in the understanding of the World. Keep small children discovering the beauty of the Soul.

Stagnancy, dogmas, as standing water. There is no movement drowns your Soul.

Joy to you all in good deeds. Sunlight Insights.

Seraphim Of Sarov

Walking angels on earth take care of their wings, to fly without wings impossible! And the wings have is our soul. It is clean and easy, and so we can rise to the height of our spirit, keeping the connection with your Higher aspects.

Where is the force, the wisdom and insight that allow us to keep our wings of the soul in the integrity and security?

Proclaiming himself a Man, we have identified its integrity. Our integrity is manifested only when we heal all their aspects and accept them with love and joy.

The “inner child”, the “Inner woman”, “Inner man” and our “Inner parents” are parts of our personality. All of our parts are equally important and want to be accepted. Familiarity with our internal aspects gives us an opportunity to recognize the many facets of our personality. We cannot be healed, not healed of our “Inner child”, not having concluded peace with our “Inner parents” without creating harmony and balance between the feminine and masculine within us.

Mod Norvald Pollock in his book «From the heart through the hands» describes the “Inner child” to read as follows: «Inner child — it is a symbol of the personal Ego, if this part is not integrated with us, it creates chaos in the ability to common thinking, will project their insecurity on others and the world, creating a problem that is far from reality. Work on the adoption and integration of all aspects of the inner child — this is an important step towards freedom from addiction feelings, to mental and spiritual growth».

Lives in each of us and to this day our “Inner child”,

because our memory stores everything to the smallest details of our childhood. All we have now originates in our childhood. And we look at the world through the eyes of his “Inner child”.

Our Inner child is vulnerable and sensitive part of our soul, naturalness, which over the years as they grow up — we lose our life in the service of some of imposed patterns of behavior, others ‘ schemes of education and standards.

With the growth and contact with society (parents, caregivers, teachers) the child is faced with the quality of dual reality, the reality of the third dimension, quality conditional love. This means that he feels loved when it corresponds to what is adopted here to love. And condemn, scold, punish, when not met. Living from the heart level, the child is not able to live in love so he begins to experience (to know through experience) the pain is not love. This is the new experience that he knows in earthly incarnation. He gets the “imprint of duality” — the pain of the “Inner child”. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the mismatch of the two qualities come into contact consciousnesses. The quality of the dual mental consciousness and is based on conditional love from the level of mind. The quality of consciousness “Inner child” is based on unconditional love from the heart.

Having experienced the pain of the “Inner child” the child experiences fear to experience again the pain – the fear of “nobody loves Me”. This is a basic fear, which creates a dual consciousness. Rejection, rejection by society not expressed love arouses in him a desire to protect themselves, to ignore, to hide from the pain of not-love. This creates in the child a state of separation from the world. The child feels more secure if he keeps a distance between himself and the world around him. So he avoids the consequences of the negative impact of the inability of the existing consciousness to accept it for what it is, that is certainly. The child because of the fear of experiencing pain from condemnation, adapts to the situation, losing himself, becoming what it wants to see

The fear of “nobody loves Me” — the reason of which the child’s need to self-assessment, as a way to avoid bad grades of society. So consciousness is “Inner child” begins to involuntarily transformed, acquiring characteristics of dual consciousness, moving away from the consciousness of Unity.

Ego is generated “Fear don’t love me”. The first fear “Inner child”, based on pain from not loving. So, the source of the Ego is pain “Inner child”. Healing pain “Inner child” — it is the possibility of returning to the consciousness of Unity is a return to a state of “I AM”, to a state of “Inner child” prior to its collision with the dual consciousness. So is it healing our separation from the Whole.

Such manifestations of the existing Consciousness on the planet as: envy, pride, irritation, condemnation, anger, aggression, jealousy, etc. come from the same root – pain “Inner child” — fear — “nobody loves Me”.

To understand how wounded your Inner Child and how much he needs healing love, try to answer these questions with all sincerity. (Questions taken from the book “the Children of Indigo” by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober):

• Do not shut if you «shell»?

• Do not try to hide your true feelings?

• Is it difficult for you to make friends and strengthen friendships?

• How often do you feel unwell?

• Whether chronic fatigue?

• To ascertain whether you get annoyed for no reason?

• Does it happen that you are plunging forward, not even thinking about just take a walk, get some air and look at the world around you?

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