Naughty child: what parents

No action the child does not occur by itself out of nowhere. Every action is a reflection of feelings and internal state of the baby. The main reasons for excessive moodiness usually are:

Health problems.

The child does not always understand that he was sick, hungry or tired. If it is too small or full of emotion, he can’t Express their state. This discomfort and is expressed as capricious behavior.

Over guardianship from parents and relatives.

The desire to protect the baby from various hazards and errors often leads to the fact that the child loses the need to show independence. The result of total control, blowing dust and traditions to do everything for the child is the inability and unwillingness of the child to grow up. In this case, the capriciousness of the child, usually means it spoiled.

The crisis of the age of three.

Sudden changes in a child of this age notice many mothers. Primarily, this is because the baby declares itself as about the person, and asking for freedom. The child begins to rebel against hyperopic, expressing it because of their capabilities – that is, capriciousness.

Relations and microclimate in the family.

The flow of information from the outside, active communication and new experiences is the main cause of fatigue baby. So at home he is waiting for peace, stability and an atmosphere of love between the parents. In the absence of such quarrels and scandals, life changes, etc.), the child begins to protest. Here and there is moodiness, tearfulness, and other reactions of the baby to the reality that he is not satisfied.

Manual for parents: how to cope with the vagaries of the child

First of all, parents should understand that they are the most common causes whims . If the health of the baby is all right, his whim was a reaction to their environment, parenting behavior, parenting techniques, etc. So to start with the cause and understand why the child is naughty. Further, based on the situation, learn to respond to the vagaries correctly:

Never swear and yell at the child. Read: Why you can’t yell at the child?

Acknowledge the child’s right to autonomy. The baby is growing, and the time when the opinion of my mother – the only true and every word is law, is very fast. It is clear that you want to control every step of their offspring (often out of fear for him), but you need to learn gradually “let go of the leash”.

If you forbid something the child does not work, you should learn to control the process, not banning . That is, to give your child the freedom and opportunity to exercise their independence, but always be there to help, to guide and to protect.

The second year of a baby is the most important for its development. Therefore, accustom it since these years to independence – washing hands, helping the elderly, cleaning up toys, etc. the sooner he will become independent, the less reason he will get rid of your care whining and tantrums.

The best way of dealing with the vagaries is communication with the child . Through the game, through the development of teaching and learning. Forget your strict tone, forget about your nedochitannaya book and remember that they themselves were a child. Engage baby a new interesting task to do together, home for a bear, play I spy, hide the treasure or take a “trip” with cognitive bias. Sincere attention parents – the best cure whims.

Before you shout, swear and to dismiss Moody crumbs, understand the reasons for his behavior . There are situations, when really the best option is defiantly miss Caprice on deaf ears (for example, when a child requires one-hundredth issue of this doll). But in most cases to Caprice for a reason. If the toddler refuses to brush your teeth – so either he this procedure causes discomfort, or he is just lazy. In this case it should be checked by a dentist, and the dental cleaning to turn into a fun game with fragrant paste and a fun brush. You can put a special hourglass, and brush your teeth until the sand runs out.

The best method against the whims — schooling of the child to the correct routine from infancy. A kid who feels your daily regimen, always more calm and collected — this is confirmed by pediatricians, educators and child psychologists. Only a proper training regime should not turn into a drill, it must be done aggressively, but very softly and gently.

If a child is stubborn and cranky, categorically not wanting anything to do, not terrorize it. Look for a compromise. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary for a child to adjust and allow everything that he will come into my head (sometimes it can be downright dangerous, all necessary measure). But don’t make him feel like subordinates – the kid needs love, not a diktat. Doesn’t want to clean the toys? Offer to get together, then you read to him before bedtime a new interesting story. Doesn’t want to bathe? Let the foam into the bathroom, buy a clockwork boat and arrange a “water fights”.

Calm your baby depends on you. Learn to listen and hear . and everything will fall into place.

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