Sooner or later your grown up child decides they want to earn their pocket money, and this summer has a very. How to react to this?

From the beginning, you should understand why the teenager decided to become employed. If he hears day after day from their parents phrases like: “You live with us, follow our rules”, “what for you to respect? You sense no one!” or worse: “That will earn will be entitled to their own opinion!” — he can form the maniacal attitude to work, which would not release it even in adulthood. This teenager would take the money the only thing that helps to earn the respect will grow unhealthy ambitions, problems with self-esteem.

Another thing is healthy for a teenager to manage their own money, learn to earn. Many Teens are going to work to support the parents when the family’s financial difficulties arise.

Finally, most teenagers want to be as adults, to feel serious and responsible. This desire is commendable, it shows the psychological maturation of the child.

Parental fears

As at other stages of gaining a son or daughter of independence, many parents fear perevoznoye the change and try to forbid a teenager to get a job. Some justify their prohibition lack of prestige of the chosen work (“nothing in vain waste time!”), others are convinced that it is dangerous, others believe that going to hurt the school. In fact, all of these “arguments” — not that other, as the fear of losing obedient, totally dependent child. These parents want stronger bind their child to own, to control it.

Another cause of conflict is the fear of losing credibility. It’s not uncommon for the son is a teenager, working as a waiter, gets almost the same as the father. There is a commonplace competition, to a greater extent resulting in confusion of the parent.

Drop fears! On the first job, unless of course it’s legal and safe, the child should be released with pride: the experience in his biography will not be superfluous and will help him to confidently enter adulthood.

What will be more independent teenager in all matters relating to the work, the better he will learn to get them lessons. Ideally, they should create a resume to find a job and pass the interview.

We should not impose one’s opinion, to put pressure on him, needless to criticize. At the same time allow the teenager to understand that at any time you be ready to support and share their experiences to provide guidance on resume writing, advise website with vacancies, as “training” to play house stage interview. If you have the opportunity and the teenager he was asked about it, you can throw it in your company to their friends or relatives. Of course, before that, should notify the employer that a special relationship to your child to show not — let them work along with all.

Finally, if a teenager got involved in candid adventure, gets a “gray” wages or working beyond their age, parents should intervene. To be safe, ask your child to tell you the address and phone number of the company, to tell about the working conditions. Go see what’s going on — for your own peace of mind.

The optimal choice will be the grid company may the salary is a little lower, and schedule a bit tighter, but more likely the laws will be complied with.

What to do with the money

The child worked in order to dispose of the salary alone. Don’t take it to the store, let him spend his own money on trinkets and whim — not every child instantly recognizes the cost of labor. Do not be offended if a teenager does not seek to invest earnings in the family budget or to buy parents gifts: children rarely think about the needs of adults, as yet not fully versed in their own.

However, if you want to cultivate conscious teenager for family expenses, you can on a personal example to show what the money was going to paint the whole budget, several times to save your receipts from stores, to show utility bills.

The work teaches us to understand the value of money, it helps to realize how difficult it is pay for electricity, buy food and clothing. For persuasiveness tell a teenager about his work and wages: so he will get the most realistic picture of the family budget and rarely will ask for money to all sorts of nonsense.

Ask your son or daughter to contribute a small amount to any family purchase, or participate in the payment of utility bills. Don’t insist, namely ask. At the same time for yourself and draw conclusions: ‘t missed anything in education? Because the time to edit is still there.

By the way! For teenagers the provisions of the labor of the day: up to 16 years — no more than 5 hours a day and 24 hours per week, in 16-17 years — no more than 7 hours per day and 36 hours per week. If the teenager while learning and working, the working day is reduced by half.

Where to go to work to a teenager?

In a small community teen can work in the municipal structures, such as a postman or a janitor.

Tutoring is a great way to not only earn but also to consolidate the curriculum itself. If the teenager is fluent in any subject, he can pull of a “failure” from the lower grades.

Assistant counselor at a summer camp is a great chance to Express themselves, to develop their leadership skills, while at the same time and to relax. However, for this work will have to undergo special training.

To distribute advertisements to be a promoter is a wonderful opportunity for a summer break-in period, combined with movement and communication.

Finally, older guys can get in a real office — the post of Secretary, assistant, office Manager. Here they not only get to know their future profession, but will also establish contacts that will be useful for them after graduation, or school.

Willing to take teenagers as waiters in boarding houses, cafés and canteens.

Responsible teenager can offer your services as a nanny in preschool children (not infants!): to sit at home, walk in the yard. Another option is to walk dogs or care for the animals during the vacation owners. In these cases, important recommendations or personal acquaintance.

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