Happy family – mom, dad and I

The whole holiday is accompanied by a multimedia presentation of “Our families”.

Children are given homework before the holiday: draw a family.

Course of the holiday


Guys, please look at what I have in my hands? (photo album)

Today I don’t accidentally brought a photo album to our holiday. Please, look it’s me with my grandmother in my childhood, here I am with my sister, but photos, where my family, my husband and daughter, I am with my daughter. How one word can be called what I am holding? (family photo album)

— a Family photo album. Yes, indeed this is an album with photos of my family, my family album.

— I Think each of you have such photo albums.

Teacher: Read the statement L. N. Tolstoy. How do you understand these words?

Slide. “Happy is he who is happy at home” (L. N. Thick)

Teacher: homeland starts with home, with family. And what about your family? (children’s responses)


See, Ah, here in the classroom!

And the sun is shining softer and warmer.

And all because the whole family together:

And dads and moms and all the kids!

— Today we have an unusual day. Today we have a family holiday “a happy family is mom, dad, I am.”

We will tell you about their families, will hold contests, to communicate, remember funny stories in your family, to play.

Student .

There is a house in which I live,

And for me he is the best,

In him and in his sleep, and waking

I hear his mother’s kind voice.

And in the evenings dad me

When birds fall silent in their nests,

Talks about the moon,

Missiles, satellites and stars.

Sometimes sometimes

Can I quarrel with them,

But mostly glad to share

Game, their secrets.

Here in the world we are on year to year

Live, helping one another.

Teacher: no wonder We now have listened to this poem. The home is a symbol of our family, the place where man begins his entrance into the world, knows it and makes his first steps. From what kind of people will be near them at this time, will determine its future.

So, 1 the contest for the youngest members of the family — children “Build a house of happiness”

Close your eyes, visualize the house in which you live and think about what kind of atmosphere should prevail in the house, so that it always wanted to go back.

Slide. The children take turns working on the interactive whiteboard, build a house of happiness from bricks, on which are written the words: understanding, friendship, anger, resentment, kindness, love, humiliation, mutual support, affection, compassion, trust. Choose the qualities that they wish they prevailed in the house, in the family.


I have a big family,

And so happy.

Join the fun up

Together to all go for a walk.

Together meet the sun,

Together evening saying goodbye.

Overall, it was fun live

Together sing a song!

All together sing a song “About my family” (see Annex, the words are distributed to the guests, the children know the words in advance) .


Who are your parents? (mom and dad)

What do you call your parents?

And does anyone of you, why MOM and DAD called mom and dad, and, for example, by name?

In ancient times it was believed that those people who are married, are the main, key people. They can interfere and mislead astray by evil spirits, and to protect from evil spirits, the mother and father were told not name call, and call mom and dad.

The mother in the child’s life — it is nature itself, something that nourishes, protects, teaches us to coexist with it all in harmony, nonviolence.

Mom — the first word pronounced by a child, the most beloved man on earth.


MOM — the first word of the child.

MOM — first steps.

MOM — the most Holy in the world.

My MOTHER, your MOTHER — take care.

Often, we bring to MUMMY mountain.

And talking to her empty words…

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