Sexual education of children and adolescents

Sex education of the younger generation — a matter of great public importance. The growth of scientific, economic and cultural achievements in the country and enriched the spiritual world of our youth.

It is believed that if the child learns and behaves approximately, sexual development he proceeds normally. This is a fallacy. Even with the excessive sexual excitability or incorrect formation of sexual orientation of such a child are little or no different from the healthy. Sexual deviation from the norm in excitable child may be masked, for their detection requires careful supervision of their parents.

Erotic sensations may occur at a very early age, as puberty their intensity is increasing, and the forms of manifestation are becoming more diverse. That is why the issue of sex education is one of the most difficult pedagogical problems, especially when an isolated consideration of its issues, to Educate people of the future, multi-faceted thinking, deeply feeling the underlying sex education.

A number of complex and controversial life issues occur daily in the family and school, but no study guide, no book can give ready-made solutions for each of them. Life is so diverse that hardly there is an urgent need. Our goal is to equip educators, and especially parents, ideas, presenting the General principles of Soviet life. They constitute the essence of ethical education, which Lenin considered to be among the most important tasks.

In popular medical literature, sex education is often limited to sex education. However, the “sex education” is a broader concept. It includes not only education of sexual feeling, but also cultural, ethical, and social characteristics of a developing person. “Separately, bringing up the sexual feeling, we’re not raising a citizen,” wrote A. S. Makarenko,— educating the citizen, we educate and sexual feeling, but ennobled the main focus of our pedagogical attention.”

A. S. Makarenko and convincingly was just saying that the ability to control your feelings, imagination, emerging desires is the most important skill of public importance which has not been sufficiently evaluated.

In the process of social development of man, especially of man Communist tomorrow, libido as the biological basis incomparable human feelings of love becomes more and more a social category subordinate to the culture and consciousness. “Culture,— said A. M. Gorky,— have an organized mind abuse Zoological instincts of people.” A similar statement we find in F. Schiller: “Enlightened reason ennobles moral sense: the head must educate the heart”.

Indeed, a man of high morality and culture is truly beautiful. It harmoniously combines all that is given to man by nature and brought about by culture.

What is the relationship between culture, social personalities and issues that constitute the problem of sex education? When unilateral approach cannot count on a fruitful solution to the problem. High moral atmosphere and sex education, taken in isolation, out of touch with each other, without interpenetration, contrary to the dialectical understanding of the issue.

V. N. Kolmanovsky, knowing the psychological world of boys and girls, are constantly faced with the confusion of first love, with a variety of sexual deviations in puberty, came to the conclusion that pedagogical and medical science was left out of sight the sex education of young people, believing that high moral atmosphere, which is developing the younger generation, by itself, can be an antidote against the influence of bourgeois ideology and morality, penetrating into our society through various channels. But the situation is more complicated because the social maturity comes much later physiological maturity. Therefore, under the pressure of growing sexual feelings possible unruly behaviour towards parents, teachers. Escorregando time of their reputation, it can develop into immoral manifestations and even socially dangerous offences.

Only the propaganda of Communist morality, designed for the high consciousness of the youth, without penetration into the world of intimate experiences, especially in a period of heightened sexual interest, without influence on the emotional side, in some cases does not reach the goal. Even our ideological adversaries cannot deny the beneficial influence of the socialist moral atmosphere of the spiritual world of the younger generation in our country completely eradicated child poverty, juvenile delinquency is a tiny percentage compared to capitalist countries. All children must learn.

In our country essentially eliminated the major social roots of crime and immoral behavior. At the same time, it should be noted that among teenagers in puberty period up to the present time are immoral acts on a sexual basis. For successful sex education is insufficient understanding of the role and place of youth in modern society; it should, moreover, it is clear to understand the world of exciting intimate experience, is inseparably connected with the individual physiological characteristics of the age period.

The perverse sexual habits, immoral acts, attempts to consume alcohol and early sexual debut are determined not only by the weakness of socio-cultural attitudes obtained in the process of education, but also biological features in the form of increasing in this period libido.

Therefore, a fruitful solution to the problem of sex education is possible if along with social reasons and shall take into account biological factors. For example, I. I. Mechnikov saw the main biological cause of the spread of Masturbation among boys in disharmony with nature. In the period of youthful hypersexuality * when dramatically increases libido and still can be no question of intimacy, young men find their way in sexual gratification **. A sharp increase libido in puberty, causing new biological needs and changing in this regard, the attitude of man towards the world, contributes to the disruption of the higher nervous activity (neuroses). If a young person for a long period of time is experiencing strong sexual arousal, but circumstances require him to slow down, it can get a “collision” between the processes of sexual arousal and forced him backpedaling. Therefore, along with the stimulation of the adolescents ‘ motives for an ennobling behaviors parents should closely monitor changes in his behavior and mental state. Rudeness, temper, irritability, impatience, excessive stubbornness should be regarded as the first manifestations of neurosis, after which may follow an unhealthy sexual habits, and in some cases immoral acts.

Despite having formed in the process of bringing cultural skills and high ideological training, the teenager should not be left alone with sexual experiences. To him it is necessary to explain the features of the transition period, to learn to restrain awakened heightened sexual feeling, to help find their place in the world of interesting and exciting activities.

Parents and teachers should carefully monitor the incidence of child and youth sexuality, in order to provide preventive measures and, if necessary, and medical assistance.

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