Small children. Head boys and girls

Try to understand that no branch of art cannot be fully reduced to a formula without any risk of exposure of art itself which should observe it. Naturally, we are looking for ways and way to the end, and this end is correct. The art, however, no excuse is valid. Art is not always perfect. Say, art is indeed a form of expression, and the complete expression cannot be limited to a formula, but only known to a larger value and accuracy. African sculpture is an expression and therefore is only art. This is of course not true, as we know, but may be true with a large value because everyone knows it. We can achieve greater accuracy by simplifying and even subordination of minor accuracy. Details can be minor accuracy, but without real value. Every hair eyebrow in the minor detail and accuracy, but carries a bit of sense. Each piece of glass is detail, but we can be more aware of the slope and the effect of the sun but it.

In drawing children follow their feelings more to them than the rules of design and anatomy. The light on the hair of the child can be just as beautiful and intriguing as the light on the hillside. Glitter of mischief in the eyes of the little boy might be really what we draw, more than perfect anatomical design of the eye.

So easy to become absorbed in the technical details that we lose our original goal. Technical should be obedeneno with the spiritual technique because without a soul is meaningless. But the feeling can’t be expressed without technology and knowledge technology.

Each part of each figure, painting or other expression forms must be part of the whole idea. Reflections and shadows, faces, textures and materials can all be considered both from the point of view of design and location, and any other quality. In drawing heads hair image, shadows head and part of apparel, all of which offer opportunities for image. Glare and shadows on the face, by themselves, create the design, good or bad, whether we realize it or not. The whole head is a construct of forms connected together, and all this is a masterpiece of design, as functional and as workshops.

I say all this so that we can approach our subject with humility and to appreciate its wonders. For me there is nothing more beautiful or wonderful in the world than the head of a small child. Life had left no scars, no lines of worry and frustration; this is a new flower originating from the embryo, pure and as yet almost untouched.

If children don’t bother you, it’s probably a mistake to try to draw them. You can’t effectively draw with too much emotional distance. When the joy goes out of your work she is able to get caught up in purely technical matters.

It turned out that a lot of my personal work had to do with children drawing, and the more I do the more I find pleasure in this. I feel that there is a charming mountain precision with which I have only scratched the surface, and it comes after drawing and painting may thousand adults. Drawing children is vast and relatively undeveloped commercial market. We need more drawings of children and fewer pictures, as in advertising and on our walls. The fact that children cannot sit quietly should not discourage you. You can copy photos and everything else to raise the quality of their performance just above photographic detail to a more artistic expression.

The little boy is changeable proportions are approximately the same as that of the older child. But now the face is relatively narrow, being well in the square in front view. The eyes seem smaller because they don’t grow, and his face grows. We can use big eyes “buttons” only for very young children. The jaw and chin of the boy pictured above started to grow, making the chin more speakers. Nose bridge higher, and the nose a little longer, almost touching the base of the second quarter. Lips touch the lower line of the third quarter. At a fairly early age grows the whole head of hair. This highlights a big skull, but helps the face to look small and adds attractiveness to the child. If your child has curly hair, mother sometimes allow hair to grow until they begin to look ridiculous. In General, it’s good to know where is really the skull.

Little boys hard to sit still; in drawing them, and how to draw babies, practice photos and newspaper clippings. Note that the ear approaches the middle line. Head little boys, it seems, extends far back because the neck is small and the muscles that attach the base of the skull, are not yet developed.

Note especially that the nostrils grew, and the upper lip seems a little shorter. The ear grows significantly during this and the next period. I believe that the ear is fully developed by the time when the child in question ten or twelve years. The space between the nose and the ear still seems very broad. Eyelashes are pretty long. Hair grows quite well over the temples.

The proportions of the head separately are the same little girls and little boys. Little girls characteristically wider eyes and their jaw and chin more rounded. Very often the upper eyelid crease barely shows above the eye. All contour lines are usually more rounded in girls. Knowing this will help you to do little face more feminine; cubic or square shape gives a young boy a more severe look. Little girls forehead tends to become higher at an earlier age than boys. Some experts say that certain qualities of mentality develop faster in girls than in boys. This can be considered for more high and wide forehead, can not say. I know that is more closed hair line makes the view more boys malchukov, while a larger forehead makes young girls more girly. Hair treatment is very helpful in drawing little girls.

You must take care so as not to draw a mouth too big for a small girl’s face, or too dark. This could easily make an adult look or theatrical effect which is not preferred for children. Neck little girl round and small in proportion to the head. The fold between the neck and the jaw rarely comes to the ear but goes under it. It is rarely sharply outlined. Forehead may protrude a little bit at the top. Plane well-rounded person, but also, that this figure was not too smooth and photographic you can enter in the hair of the decomposition of the image into blocks. The ear more gracefully in the structure and goes up to the middle line. Eyebrows must also adhere to the elegance.

The design of the head of a little boy.

The design of the head of a little girl.

The study of little boys.

Sometimes in drawing heads rear top or rear lighting effectively in combination with sidelight. It is very important not to let the two sources of light to fall on the same surface, because this type of lighting divides the intersecting shadows. Hair build up in the form of blocks.

More little boys.

When someone progresses in drawing children, it becomes vpechetleniem distinctive character and personalities which he finds. Children Express the same emotions and emotions as adults, and much more free and clear. As we grow we learn to hide our true emotions, sometimes too deeply. Most children are much more truthful in themselves than adults.

More little girls.

Much easier to show the expression of the child in the picture if we first catch his camera. Change their expressions erupt quickly and neither do not ask the child to hold the expression.

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