The Baby is crying at bedtime

Hello! Our son is 1.7 months. He perfectly speaks, develops, pleased with himself and loves us. Hyperactive, sometimes trying to manipulate us with screaming and very persistent. He can agree, but if he’s not willing, it can be done only by force and through a tantrum. Of particular concern is the crying at bedtime. Before, he used to fall asleep with the breast, then in the stroller, in the car. After a year almost always with the chest, sometimes in the car. By the time the excommunication (1.6 months).the chest he got to sleep (day and night), and woke up 3-4 times at night. When milk was very little 5-6 times. I tried in the afternoon to put him in the stroller, rocking on his hands, just to sing and lie still on the bed. Nothing gave result as soon as he realized what was going to happen at once in the cry. Sometimes he was almost asleep, so he “pecks” nose and goes into a deep sleep and immediately shaken and requires the chest. In the end, it was decided to separate sharply and explain that Sesay was tired and no more milk. Offered water, milk, tried to rock, but he roared, kicking a couple of times and hit me. Three times I left my room for two minutes(this was a big mistake), when he returned, behaved calmly. In the afternoon and took a NAP, fell asleep late at night from exhaustion on my hands, and, sitting. Now before going to sleep he cries, day and night. 15-20 minutes-you, with all your soul. Embrace yourself, not listening to tales, songs helped a couple of times.When will just cry himself, gives himself to priobresti or he lies down on my stomach, chest and falls asleep almost immediately. You can distract him until they fell asleep from exhaustion, but after an hour or two he would Wake up and still … have a good cry. Why is he crying like that? And how now to rectify the situation?

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The baby is crying at bedtime

Hello! Me your very pretty attentive to the son, you describe his behavior. From your letter I understood that your son 1.7 and a month ago you had abruptly weaned and now it’s bedtime and afternoon and evening crying. And now you ask why he’s crying. People cry when they are experiencing strong feelings, and not necessarily only negative. In absentia of course difficult to specify exactly what your son is crying, I comes up with 3 versions: 1)he mourns the loss of CECE and while it is angry, or offended you(you wrote that does not allow you to hug); 2) he perevozbujdenia and needs to discharge before bedtime to relieve tension; 3) trying to achieve something from you, but he sure. Try it in that moment when he cries to sympathize with him, whatever it is, if you are tired you say about it to him, if it is about food, it is possible to sympathize that there is CECE, etc. it is Important to call what is happening by saying: for example, you’re tired or you miss SIS, etc. Very often parents in this place worried that if the baby is crying, something’s wrong. Actually at this point, bad parents, they are anxious. Crying is the expression of feelings, and feelings, such as anger, sadness, sadness, all a part of nature that help to adapt to the changing situation and help you understand what person is not enough. For example, in your situation your child is missing or Sisi, or way to relax or your attention or something else and after 15-20 minutes, weeping, the child calms down. If me this advice will not help, I suggest that you seek the advice of a psychologist. Perhaps the reason in something else and then face-to-face consultation will help you understand what’s going on. Good luck!



Hello! Interesting additions you wrote. I paid attention to your words in the first letter, where you write that your son is manipulating you with scream. Maybe he yells at one side asking for pity, but on the other hand remember, if you yell, you can give what you want. You write that if any consolation my son, he cries more, that’s fine. Imagine, you get very sad and someone wished someone sympathized, his home, usually covers wave to cry. This wave of crying is not forever, it passes, it is important to give him the opportunity to authorisati. You write that the son needs the viewer, such as an actor you have it. Interesting, where did you get this explanation? In principle it’s OK to cry to someone in a difficult moment to look familiar to me, the man who could sympathize. When it is difficult and no one, not want to know that badly, I want to forget. That and the fact that children often do not understand what happens to them and the task of parents to help children to understand what they were and call it words. You write that your son needs help in throwing out emotions, but I think you have found a way – a song before bedtime. There probably is no question what is happening in a period of daytime sleep to-night, that he perevozbujdenia that songs is not enough. Please note that going into the second half of the day. Since children like all people are very different, specific advice what to do can not give your child not seen. It is important to notice your child requires a quiet evening classes or on the contrary he needs to burn off excess energy, and for example you do not walk around much. However another point here may be that often the symptoms of children, in this case the evening crying somehow help the family and then changes in a child’s life may not be enough. Children are very sensitive and well adapt their behaviour to the needs of the family. In this case, you can help face-to-face consultation with a psychologist.


4 September, 2014 – 20:14

The exit is found

Hello, Ludmila! It will be interesting what we found out and maybe You will recommend it to anyone else.

The solution was found, quite unexpectedly. Three days ago we began to prepare for sleep. As usual, bathed, brushed my teeth and now it has become clear that now it will stack. He started to act up and deny it, and I persuade, to tell how tired he was, why would he need to relax, to list all of his friends children, adults, animals, saying that they are all asleep. And that he will have a rest, gain strength, and again will play with all. After about half an hour of persuasion he decided to sleep still want him and shifted a little, and periodically asking about something I(checks that do not sleep), settled comfortably on me and fell asleep! In the last three days it works, day and night, so that we can talk about success.

Before I never tried to persuade, said sometimes you need to sleep and the children must go, but without much raspisanie. Yes and persuasion are not very worked in other areas(food, rules of conduct).

Simultaneously tightened a little discipline. If she starts to cry, not to give, essentially, even that is possible. And whims became smaller, now it is easier to negotiate.

In General, I would like to say thank You for Your participation and advice! Good luck in your work!

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