Introducing the children to the world of beauty opens before them the riches and beauty of the life, contributes to the development needs, not only in the contemplation of the world, but his active knowledge transformation. V. A. Sukhomlinsky told that the child is by nature an inquisitive researcher, discoverer of the world that child’s heart responsive to the call to create beauty. It is important that by the calls should work, that work becomes a need. Applique is considered a kind of art activities for preschoolers. Getting acquainted in the classroom and independently with the materials, equipment and methods for processing of paper, the children acquire the skills of graphic and plastic images of objects, possess the ability in silhouette form, imaginatively, creatively recycle their impressions received acquaintance with the surrounding world, while reading fiction, examining illustrations, paintings, sculptures, decorative-applied art. Knowledge, abilities, skills, children embody creative activity: making colourful wall murals, decorations for the table and shadow theatre, costumes and elements of the decoration for plays and holiday parties, decorations for the kindergarten territory, gifts younger children, parents, etc. the Process of creating the application consists of a number of sequentially executed actions, requiring the child to a high enough level of development of artistic and technical skills, as well as concentration, perseverance, endurance, accuracy, self-sufficiency. The lack of development of technical skills, hinders the work of the imagination, hinder children’s initiative, reduces the quality of the results. Conversely, if the child is fluent in the techniques of cutting, gluing, naseleniya application on the basis that his attention is directed to the creation of a different shape, size, color combinations, leading to new, original results, stimulates creative attitude to work. This is possible only when the teacher skilfully adjusts and applies in practice the most effective methods of training, when jobs are given not only in finished form, but often require the children are active, constructive and reproductive applying the acquired knowledge and skills. In the classroom for application in preschool children brought up the ability to work and create in a team, guided by not only personal interests but also the interests of their peers, content, and the need for joint activities. It means the development of such personality traits of the child as demanding of themselves and others, a responsible attitude to the assigned work, the implementation of the principles of consciousness, discipline, mutual assistance and support. Preschoolers have the opportunity to show independence and initiative, to feel the joy of achieving a positive result in a joint effort. We offer you a synopsis of one of the group classes that you can spend in the older group. The abstract classes in the senior group “Decorations for Christmas trees”. (A collective work) Software maintenance:

To develop manual skills, sense of form, depth perception and color vision. Learning to cut identical pieces (parts) of paper, folded like an accordion. To raise the artistic taste in children. Cause a positive emotional response to the beauty of the world around us.

Preliminary work: · guessing riddles on the Christmas theme; · reading, memorizing poems and songs about the new year’s holiday; · looking at pictures, pictures of decorated Christmas trees; · Christmas trees in the group of toys and crafts made jointly by parents and children; materials Used: Rectangles of colored paper (2pcs. for each child).Glue;Cloth fabric;Scissors;Glitter and sequins for decoration toys;Tape recording of the song about the Christmas tree;drawing Paper with a picture of a Christmas tree;

The course lessons. Sounds like a song about a Christmas tree. Teacher: Guys, what is this song? ( Children’s responses) – that’s Right! The song about the Christmas tree! There is a tradition to bring from the forest Christmas tree and decorate it for the new year holiday. Guys, why decorate the Christmas tree? (Children’s responses) Right, guys, well done! Her dress up, to lighten the mood, to create comfort and warmth in each home for the Christmas holiday. We also decorated our Christmas tree. How it is decorated? (Children’s responses) – Yes, clever. Look closely at our Christmas tree full of toys, made by our hands! We have the older group and know how to make wonderful decorations on the Christmas tree! What is it with us? In our group there is a holiday? Guys, today I was walking to work past the nursery and saw this Christmas tree. (The teacher shows not drawn a decorated Christmas tree. She has a sad face) And with this wonderful Christmas tree a holiday you feel? Why? (Children’s responses) – But the children do not yet know how to do the decoration on the Christmas tree! But very soon the New year! How will they be Christmas without a decorated Christmas tree? What can you do? Maybe we can help them? How? (Children’s responses) – done! Of course, we can help them decorate the Christmas tree! Just today I wanted to show you how you can do a bulk Christmas toys on the Christmas tree! Before you is a rectangle of colored paper, fold it in half, colored side out. The raised edge to the fold. Not the colored side of the “bunching” uniformly smeared with glue and firmly presses – get a little book with colored pages and white cover. The spine of the booklet on the left. Rounds the lower right and upper right corners. Do the same thing with the second rectangle. Ready the toys combine into one, for this spread glue on the white side of the first part of the toy (to bend) glue and glue the second part. Look what happened? These are toys at the end will turn out for you. Independent activity children. Children make blanks for toys. Visminda the independence of children. Children with a nanny decorate the Christmas tree (when children begin to decorate the Christmas tree, the teacher quietly adds on the face of the herringbone – smile). The teacher draws the children’s attention to the fact that the Christmas tree like ornaments, and she’s even happier! Children with a teacher review their work, discuss their. The teacher asks questions: “Kate, how you’ve decorated the Christmas tree? What color is your toy? Aslan, what form did the ornaments on the Christmas tree? Guys, what balls do you like most?” Teacher: Guys, I now have Christmas trees felt the festive mood? Let’s have Christmas trees sing a song, and the dance will start! (the dance of the “Herringbone”) (the Children presented after the class the Christmas tree as a gift to kids) MDOU “Cinderella”, Noyabrsk, YANAO

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