Wise advice for parents

Forefather Noah, believing the curse on ham, who laughed at the nakedness of his father curses before him, and his son and his grandson Canaan. “Cursed Wake Canaan, says the righteous Noah, the servant let the brotherhood”. Why he did so, ” look.” Tell that Canaan, the son of boors, being a boy of ten, first saw the nakedness of Noah, his grandfather, and talked about how his father, Ham, and ham went and looked at his father and laughed at him. That’s why Noah awoke from sleep and found out about the incident, immediately gave up to the curse of Canaan.

Pay attention to the fact that the culprit of this curse of Canaan was his own father, ham; he, when his son told him about the nakedness of Noah, repented him, not punished, but he went to see, as if endorsing this unreasonable act of the boy. What would the boy be severely punished, the father said nothing and made him some slack, let him speak freely about nudity grandfather, and he gladly listened to about it, and through it, and his son brought under the curse of a parent.

Pouchitis, the parents of this opportunity to educate their children from their infancy in punishment and the teaching of the Lord, on the advice of the Apostle; keep them so that they were afraid to do bad, but not pallasite caresses them, they do not willfulness, outrage, profanity, don’t let them do anything indecent and acquire bad habits. For who what Navicat since childhood, and in old age will not lag behind, and what rules will you learn in youth, whether good or bad, those will grow old and die. A little child like the Board prepared for a picture, and the picture write it on painter, good or bad, Holy or sinner, angel or devil, and will remain forever. And child: what parents give him an education, which will teach him the way of life, pleasing to God or blogonenavisti, angelic or demonic, and he will remain for life. In what paint before put a new white canvas, the color it will never lose, and which liquid is first poured into a new wooden or earthen vessel, whether fragrant oil or smelly tar, the smell will remain in it forever; the same thing happens with the upbringing of children. That’s why since childhood need to teach them good manners and caresses, and rigor. And not so much sex, how much rigor: useful youth to reason with fear, as the wise Sirach advises: don’t let your son “will, in his youth, and smash his ribs, until he’s young, so, after becoming resistant, it is not out of obedience to you” (Sir. 30; 11-12). Saint Chrysostom likens youth age horse without a bridle and untameable beast. What horse will keep, if not brondani and bridle, and fatigue? Than a wild animal (e.g., bear) tame, if not a chain and a stick? In like manner, and for youth age need rigor, like a bridle, and a threat, like an iron chain. Well said the wise son Sirakov: “he who loves his son, he will cause him punishment” (Ser. 30; 1). And parents need not only to enlighten and to instruct in virtue of their children, but to put to him experienced people (e.g., older siblings) who not only taught them to do good, but also was responsible for all their words, deeds and actions, stopped and corrected, what you need, and learn good rules. “Youth of the shrew, says St. Chrysostom, — it requires many mentors.” And again he says, “For donkeys we are looking for a shepherd, for mules is a good driver, and that to us is most precious to entrust his son with someone who could keep him in chastity, we don’t care”. Hear: if dumb animals need a good shepherd, especially for children — a good officer. Animals need a shepherd to ensure that their animals are not killed, or that the thieves have not stolen, and children of the officer to malevolent people have not been corrupted to mental Tati-the devils they are not robbed and carried away into eternal damnation.

Terrible case says St. Gregory goeslow in conversation with Peter the Deacon. “For many children,” he says, ” closes the entrance into the Kingdom of heaven, if their bad deal. In our city (i.e. Rome) one man, known to all, three years ago had a son about five years old, whom he much loved and brought up without severity. Boy all pobejali, used to say nasty swear words, and whatever thought came into his head, he immediately started on a habit, curse, scolded not only people, but, sometimes, I dare to blaspheme is to say scary — God Himself, uttering blasphemy against Holy things! But the father forbade him to say those blasphemous and profane words. At the time of the plague, of the former we have three years before this, the boy became mortally ill, and when his father held him on his knees, — the stories of individuals who were, themselves, come unclean devils to take the accursed soul of the boy. A boy saw them, shuddered, closed her eyes and began to shout: “Father! take away me from them! take away. “. and with a terrible cry he hid his face in the bosom of his father, trying to cover herself. The father, looking at the baby as he trembled and asked: “What do you see?” — The boy answered: “Come black people, want me to take.” and when he had said this, he began to say nasty and blasphemous speech, which was used to, and then he died!”

Let this story of St. Gregory frighten parents who are ill raise their children, without rigor, and allow it to get used to the words and deeds displeasing to God. Truly these parents themselves together with their children, which they are not punished, will be brought righteous Judgment of God into the hands of black Efimov-devils to eternal torment. And as ham and his son Canaan inherited the paternal blessing, and a curse, and they shall inherit the curse of God, which the Lord will say to the goats-the sinners, “go from Me the curse!” (Matt. 25; 41)

(From the writings of St. Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov)

Who instructs his son, he will have help from him and among friends will brag on him. Died his father — and as if he had not died, because left to himself; during his life he looked on him and was comforted, and at his death is not mourned. Polagauy son will bind up the wounds of him, and every time I cry will worry about his heart. An unbroken horse is stubborn, and the son left in his will is done daring. Don’t laugh with him, not to grieve with him and after not to grind his teeth. Don’t give him some kind of freedom in my youth and don’t indulge his folly. Teach your son and work on it, to not have you sorrow from indecent behavior .

May God grant your little one in the character to be like sheep and not a goat. Sheep are quiet, obedient and obedient, and Kozlinski frisky, priglawy, loud and baglivi, and this is most they anyone unpleasant. And besides this, the sheep at the Judgment of God will be on the right hand of Christ, and Kozlinski on the left, which would be turned away from Christ, what ought to be feared and your child.

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